Aboriginal Peoples and Canadian Criminal Justice

Students should enroll in the Practicum when they sign up for the Aboriginal Peoples and Canadian Criminal Justice (LAW477H1).
Students who have completed the substantive course may complete the practicum in the following year.

This is an eligible course for credit towards the Aboriginal Legal Studies Certificate.

Students will shadow and observe a range of court professionals (Judges, Crowns, Duty Counsel, Native Court Workers), and a range of proceedings (contested and uncontested bail hearings, sentencing hearings, and stays of proceedings at Old City Hall).

Students will complete a 20 page paper reflecting upon the student’s experience after observing courtroom proceedings and engaging in discussions with various Gladue court professionals. Their reflections shall relate to substantive legal and systemic issues covered in Aboriginal Peoples and Canadian Criminal Justice. Students shall complete a checklist of required observations, appended to the final paper. Papers are to be submitted to the Records Office on or before the due date for written work in the term.

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