Instructor(s): Judith Huddart, Samantha Eisen
Family Law

Note: 3 credits (conditional enrol)

Recommended: Negotiation

Selection: Students who will have completed Family Law by January can select this course in the lottery.  This competition is likely to occur over the course of a weekend, starting on Friday night and ending on Sunday afternoon. Students who do not wish to participate on those days may not enrol in this course.

Note: Students are allocated their credits as follows: one credit in the fall term and two credits to the winter term.

3 ungraded credits for satisfactory completion of the oral and written components of the competition. Students do not write a factum in this competition. Rather, they develop a negotiation plan of 1,250 words and complete a written assignment on the topic of the negotiation of 5,000 words. For grading purposes, the Walsh Family Law Negotiation Competition Faculty Advisor(s) will consider the written negotiation plan, the written assignment, and will consider the oral presentation as well. If the instructor has not seen the oral arguments, the oral presentation will not be considered, and the grade will be based exclusively on written submissions.
Academic year
2022 - 2023

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