Instructor(s): Sara Faherty
Statutes and Statutory Interpretation
Externship Seminar

Note: One credit (ungraded).

Field Supervisor: Tamara Hauerstock

Note: This externship can only take place in-person. If that becomes impossible the placement will be cancelled for this year.

Note: Students are admitted to this externship through the course lottery system.

Learning objectives:
In this placement with the Legislative Research Service of the Ontario Legislative Assembly, students will gain real-world experience with statutory interpretation. They will have the opportunity to learn about the regulations review process and to work with experienced legal counsel in screening regulations for conformity with the governing legislation and with Standing Orders. Students will also gain experience in drafting and legal research in support of the regulations review process.

Placement activities:
Under the supervision of a Legislative Research Service lawyer, students will:

  • Receive training on the regulation review process and on the respective roles of the Legislative Research Service and of the Standing Committee on Regulations and Private Bills;
  • Review regulations, including determining the statutory authority for the regulations reviewed, and confirming compliance with the Charter and with the relevant Standing Orders;
  • Assist in the drafting of a Standing Committee Report on Regulations; and
  • Conduct legal research in connection with the review of particular regulations or on an assigned topic.

Students can expect a workload of approximately 36 hours during the term.

Satisfactory completion of the placement earns one ungraded credit. The faculty supervisor assesses, in consultation with the field supervisor, whether the requirements for earning credit have been met.
Academic year
2022 - 2023

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