Instructor(s): Gordon Kirke, David Goldstein

For graduate students, the course number is LAW7021HF.

This course will meet exclusively via audio-visual conference, once a week. To enrol in this course all students must meet or exceed the tech requirements for enrolment in University of Toronto courses, which can be found here []

Note: The Quercus program will be used for this course. Students must self-enrol in Quercus as soon as confirmed in the course in order to obtain course information.

In this course, we will study contractual relations and other legal matters relating to various sports. This will include contract negotiation, collective bargaining and the governing rules of the various professional leagues. We will focus on discipline of players, including discipline imposed by the employer club and the league, and judicial review. Remedies for breach of contract and the concept of inducing breach of contract will be discussed in the sports context, including the concept of tampering, with a practical case study involving a player wishing to retire from one sport to play in another sport. We will consider the concept of restraint of trade and competition law in the sports industry. We will consider the legal consequences of injuries and immoral conduct in sports. We will examine the regulation and responsibilities of athlete representatives.

will be based on attendance (5%), contribution to class discussion (10%), and a 7,000 word research paper (85%).
Academic year
2020 - 2021

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36 JD


W: 6:40 - 8:30 pm (AV Conference)