Instructor(s): Jeffrey MacIntosh
Business Organizations

For graduate students, the course number is LAW7000Y.

This course will meet two times a week, exclusively via audio-visual conference. To enrol in this course all students must meet or exceed the tech requirements for enrolment in University of Toronto courses, which can be found here []

The primary aim of this course is to develop doctrinal and analytical fluency in the following areas:

  1. an overview of the functioning of Canadian capital markets, including both primary markets (e.g. different types of underwritings) and secondary markets (e.g. role of the stock exchanges, alternative trading systems, etc.);
  2. the relationship between corporate law and securities law;
  3. the role played by securities regulation in investor protection and fostering market efficiency;
  4. primary market disclosure obligations;
  5. prospectus exemptions;
  6. liability for primary market misrepresentation;
  7. secondary market disclosure obligations;
  8. takeover bids;
  9. insider trading; and
  10. the discretionary powers of securities regulators.

In addition to developing doctrinal fluency, the above-noted topics will be critiqued from a policy perspective (e.g. Do we really need comprehensive prospectus disclosure? Are the takeover bid rules optimal from a shareholder and/or societal perspective?).

Note: Each week I will post 2 x 1.5-2.0 hour lectures on ZOOM and will have an additional online interactive 1 hour session per week for questions. Thus, the total class time per week will be in the vicinity of 4 hours.

Questions may also be submitted by email, in which case I will post the question (anonymously) and the answer online for everyone to see.

will be by a final 3-hour open book examination.
Academic year
2020 - 2021

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