Instructor(s): Mohammad Fadel

For graduate students, the course number is LAW2008HF.

This section of this course is offered on campus, for students who can attend in person. This course will meet 3 times a week.  Once in person (Wed), once via AV Conference (Mon), and one meeting will be hybrid rotating between AV Conference and in person format (Tues).  In order to safeguard the health and safety of students, there is a possibility that all sections of this class will convert to a remote format for all or part of the term. To enrol in this course all students must meet or exceed the tech requirements for enrolment in University of Toronto courses, which can be found here []

Note: The Quercus program will be used for this course. Students must self-enrol in Quercus as soon as confirmed in the course in order to obtain course information.

This course is concerned with the law of business corporations. The purpose of the course is to provide the student with an understanding of the basic principles of modern business corporations law in light of the current statutory regimes and evolving case law. Particular emphasis will be placed on the role of the business corporation in modern society, and on the functions and responsibilities of the officers and directors in the context of different corporate transactions. The subject necessarily involves both a pragmatic or functional look at the modern corporation as well as a theoretical or jurisprudential examination of the corporation and the parties interested in its operation.

A final 3-hour open book examination supplemented by notes prepared personally by the student (90%) and class participation and regular attendance (10%). Each student will be on call for one class to take questions from the instructor during the semester.
Academic year
2020 - 2021

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M: 3:40 - 5:00 pm (AV Conference)
T: 2:10 - 5:00 pm (hybrid:  AV Conference and in-class rotation)
W: 3:50 - 5:00 pm (in-class) J250