In their own words, our students and recent alumni describe the importance of financial aid to their choice to attend the Faculty of Law and their success in their legal studies.

Davina Shivratan

Davina Shivratan, 4L (JD/MBA)

"The bursaries allowed me to confidently decide to attend the top law school in Canada without any worry or hesitation."

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Catherine Seeley

Catherine Seeley, 2L

"Financial aid ... means that I have been able to attend one of the best law schools in the country while pursuing a path in the law that may not pay as well."

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Aman Gill

Aman Gill, 2L (JD/MBA)

 "My dream was to attend U of T law ... without financial aid and U of T’s need-based financial aid program, perhaps my dream would have remained just a dream."

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Muhammad Ansab, JD 2019

Muhammad Ansab, JD 2019

"Through the continuous contributions of donors, I—and students like me—were able to attend law school and pursue our passion."

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Ahmed Elahi

Ahmed Elahi, 2L

"A bursary greatly helps me reduce the debt I incur while attending law school and gives me greater options to choose my career once I graduate."

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Sarah Feutl

Sarah Feutl, 2L

"To donors I say: Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your gifts allow me to focus on my schooling without the constant weight of financial stress on my shoulders."

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Brooke Longhurst

Brooke Longhurst, JD 2018

"I would encourage my donor to look at the programs and activities put on by the First Generation Network and know that this wouldn’t be possible without you."

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Alexandra McLennan, 3L

Alexandra McLennan, JD 2019

"With financial aid and government funding, for me U of T law is financially more accessible than other law schools. Law school has given me everything I wanted."

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Maressa Singh, 3L

Maressa Singh, JD/MBA 2019

"The impact of receiving the bursaries is immense. I 100% would not be able to attend law school without the help of the student financial aid program."

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Wanekia (Kia) Dunn

Wanekia (Kia) Dunn, JD 2019

"When you support law schools and their students, you’re making a difference for people who spend their careers making a difference, so the effect is exponential."

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Jerry Lee

Jerry (Goh Eun) Lee, JD 2018

"I understand firsthand that donors have a tremendous impact on low-income students because I would not have been able to earn my JD degree without them."

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