Our students talk about #excellencewithoutbarriers

Ahmed Elahi, 2L, financial aid recipient

Ahmed ElahiHometown: Brampton, Ontario

Undergraduate degree[s]: Honours Bachelor of Arts

Undergraduate institution[s]: University of Toronto

The impact of receiving a bursary is quite significant. It relieves some of my financial worries and helps me put greater focus on the academic curriculum during the school year. It shows that the legal community out there is supportive of my education and is willing to assist me in reaching my career goals. 

A bursary greatly helps me reduce the debt I incur while attending law school and gives me greater options to choose my career once I graduate. As a result of receiving bursaries, upon graduating law school I will not be driven into entering only those areas of law which pay lucratively. I will have the option of exploring legal interests that I am passionate about.

I would like, first and foremost, to thank my donor for their generosity, and their dedication to the legal profession and education. I would also like to express that by making the bursary possible, they have been immensely helpful to me in allowing me to pursue my legal education with somewhat less of a worry for my finances. Receiving this bursary comes as a huge sign of encouragement and elevates my belief in the legal community and its commitment to the public good.

I think that student financial aid is important because it helps students pursue their academic and extracurricular passions more freely. It is also important because it is an investment in the leaders of the future, who will have to tackle the challenges that our community faces. Hence, investing in students is tantamount to investing in the future. Any assistance that students get while they pursue their education will better prepare them to go out into the world and face complex problems.

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