To ensure access to U of T Law for the best and brightest students, the top fundraising priority for this chapter is student financial aid.

We are calling this effort the Campaign for Excellence without Barriers. Our Campaign mission is to attract and support the brightest students, regardless of their financial situation.  Currently almost 50% of our JD students receive financial aid, and we want to deepen support to those with the greatest need.

Below is a list of the bursaries, funds and awards generously provided to-date (January 1, 2015 to July 10, 2018).  This list will be updated quarterly. The Faculty and students are grateful to our generous donors, and we look forward to the Campaign’s continued success this academic year!

Please note: due to space constraints, lead donors for each designation are listed here. We are grateful to all supporters, and for a complete list of all donors to the Campaign for Excellence without Barriers, see the Donors to Date page.

For additional information, please contact Fadil Haniff, Advancement Coordinator, at

Bursaries, Funds and Awards
DesignationLead Donors
Aboriginal Programming FundThe Walter and Mary Tuohy Foundation
Adelina Wong and David Adams Bursary*David G. Adams
Aftab-Côté Human Rights Bursary*Yousuf Aftab & Marjolaine Côté
Albert Cohen Memorial Award*Alexandre Cohen
Allison and Matthew Abbott BursaryMatthew Abbott
Andrea L. Burke Bursary*Andrea L. Burke
Andrew and Anna Foley Bursary*Andrew J. Foley and Anna M. Castelo
Andy Kent BursaryMcMillan LLP
Ann Wilson '75 and Robert Prichard '75 Financial Aid Fund*J. R. Prichard and Ann E. Wilson
Anne-Marie Sorrenti Bursary*Anne-Marie Sorrenti
Arnold Weinrib 50th Anniversary Bursary*David E. Spiro, Robert P. Armstrong, Richard B. Potter, Anthony Meehan and Vithia Saing, Ben Alarie, The Tauba and Solomon Spiro Family Foundation
Artists in the Law Award*Monique Rabideau and Arthur Bode
Bohdan (Bob) Onyschuk, Q.C. Bursary in City Building*Bohdan S. Onyschuk
Brian Livingston Bursary*Brian Livingston
Campaign for Excellence without Barriers Bursary*Robi and Ruth Blumenstein, Steven W. Smith, Gillian Lester, John R. Pitfield, Nancy Diep and Simon Baines
Carolyn and Eliot Kolers Bursary*Eliot and Carolyn Kolers
Cheryl Anne Stacey Barlow Award*Various Donors
CILP Conference Fund - Digital Media at the CrossroadsACTRA, Directors Guild of Canada, Writers Guild of Canada, Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada
Class of 1962 Bursary Fund*Donald Ernest and Elizabeth Wakefield, Karl Jaffary
Class of 1973 Bursary Fund*Various Donors
Class of 1991 Award*Sarah M. Boulby, Roslyn M. Tsao
Class of 1992 Award*Laura E. King, Andrew Iacobucci, Jonathan H. Anschell, Mirko Bibic, Jay Feldman
Class of 1994 Bursary Fund*Karrin Powys-Lybbe
Class of 1998 Bursary*Sachin A. Dave
Class of 2006 JD/MBA Award*Anonymous Donor
Clayton Lloyd Rogers Award*Clayton L. Rogers
Cornell C.V. Wright Bursary*Cornell Wright and Sarah McEvoy

Daniel Debow and Jordana Huber Bursary*

Daniel Debow
David Tupper Bursary*David V. Tupper
David Asper Bursary*David A. Asper
Dean's Activities FundThe Gerald Schwartz and Heather Reisman Foundation
Dr. Scott Guan China Law Practice AwardDr. Scott Yunxiang Guan

Duggan Associates Bursary

Luc Haegemans

Edward M. Iacobucci Bursary*Edward M. Iacobucci

Emil and Dorothy Rosen Memorial Bursary*

Michael K. Feldman & Nanette Rosen

Empowering Women Bursary*

Amy Carruthers

Eric Adelson and Andrea Himel Bursary*Eric Adelson and Andrea Himel
Evgeny Zborovsky Bursary*Evgeny Zborovsky
Gallant and Betty Ho University of Toronto-Tsinghua University FellowshipGallant Ho Yiu-Tai
Geoff Taber Memorial Award*Robert A. Roberts, Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP, Genesys Capital Management, Michael Fekete, John G. Lorito, Kenneth G. Ottenbreit, David H. Zemans
George Grossman BursaryGeorge Grossman
Graduate Program Annual FundVarious Donors
Green Family Award at the University of Toronto*Eric and Karen Green
Harleen Grewal & Arnold Weinrib BursaryHarleen Grewal
Heal-Kowal Bursary*Andrew J. Heal and Monica Kowal
Herbert H. Solway Bursary*Gluskin Sheff + Associates Inc.
Ho Chak Wan Scholarship*Anonymous Donor
Hon. Henry N.R. Jackman Bursary*The Honourable Henry N. R. Jackman
Honourable Justice Sydney L. Robins AwardKoskie Minsky LLP
Honourable M. Justice Ward K. Branch & Catherine Branch Award

The Honourable Justice Ward Branch

Human Rights Award*Anonymous Donor
International Human Rights Program Elton John Aids Foundation Fund*Elton John AIDS Foundation
Ivy Lam Bursary for Women in Law*Ivy Lam
J.D. Student Mental Health and Wellness ProgramArnold Cader
Jacob S. Ziegel Bursary*Martha Hundert and Jeremy Fraiberg
Janet and Paul Morrison Bursary*F. Paul Morrison and Janet Morrison
Jeffrey Lloyd Bursary*Jeffrey R. Lloyd
Jeffrey and Tatjana Bursary*Bon Ami (NE) Professional Corporation
Jeffrey S. Lyons, Q.C. Memorial Award*The Benjamin Foundation, Sandra R. Lyons

Jennifer Warren Award*

Jennifer Warren

Joanna Rotenberg and Family Bursary

Joanna Rotenberg

Joe Groia Bursary*

Groia and Company Professional Corporation

John B. Laskin Bursary*

The Honourable John B. Laskin

John F (Jack) Petch QC JD LLD Bursary

Rose M. Patten

John Campion Award*John Adair Campion
John Keefe & Family Bursary*John Keefe Professional Corporation
John Purcell Bursary*John Purcell
Jonathan A. Levin Bursary*Isles Foundation Incorporated

Jonathan Drance Bursary*

Jonathan S. Drance

Joseph Ovsenek Bursary*Joseph Ovsenek
Julie Yan-Ping Lee Bursary*Julie Y. Lee
Karl Jaffary Bursary*Karl Jaffary

Kirby Chown Bursary

Kirby Chown

Kris Astaphan Bursary*Mrs. Verne Astaphan
Lampe Family - John A. Geller Endowment*The Lampe Family
Laura Fric Bursary*Laura K. Fric
Law Deans and Faculty Fund*The Estate of Mairi T. Macdonald, Robert J. Sharpe
Linda Rothstein Bursary*Linda Rothstein
Lionel and Carol Schipper Bursary*Lionel and Carol Schipper
Marina N. Sturdza Award for Women in Business Law*Fiona J. Kelly
Mark Surchin BursaryMark Surchin
Mary and Philip Seeman Health Law, Ethics and Policy Seminar SeriesThe Seeman Family

Mayo Moran Award

John H. Whiteside

McCarthy Tétrault LLP Business Law InternshipMcCarthy Tétrault LLP
Melinda Park Bursary*Melinda Park
Melissa J. Kennedy Award*Melissa Kennedy
Moffat/Wiseman Bursaries*Mark D. Wiseman and Marcia T. Moffat

Nancy Eastham Bursary*

Julie Di Lorenzo
Newton Rowell Fellowship in Public International Law at the University of Toronto*The Honourable Henry N. R. Jackman
Nigel S. Wright Bursary*Nigel Wright
Norm Schipper & Family Bursary*Honey and Norman Schipper, Paula F. Schipper
Norman and Gay Loveland Award*Norman and Gay Loveland
Paul Rosen Bursary*Paul Rosen

Paul & Marni Stepak Bursary*

Paul Stepak
Peter D. Ballantyne Bursary*Margot Howard
Philip Anisman Award*William J. Braithwaite, Richard J. Balfour
Philip Michael Epstein Q.C. BursaryMayo Moran
Priscilla Platt Award*Priscilla Platt
Ralph Edward Scane Bursary*Ralph Scane
Rebecca and Laurence Grafstein Bursary*Laurence and Rebecca Grafstein
Richard Shaw and Mary Tansey Shaw Award*Richard Shaw and Mary Tansey Shaw
Rob Centa Bursary*Robert Centa
Robert and Sondra Crawshaw Bursary*Donald R. Crawshaw

Robert M. Yalden Award

Robert Yalden

Ronald J. Daniels and Joanne D. Rosen Bursary*Ronald J. Daniels and Joanne Rosen

Ryan and Tanya Baker Award

Ryan Baker

Sheremeta-Yang Award at the Faculty of Law*Ed Sheremeta and Jennifer Yang
Sherrard Kuzz LLP Award in Employment & Labour Law*Sherrard Kuzz LLP
Signe Leisk Bursary*Signe Blanka Leisk
Smadar Peretz Fellowship at the University of TorontoSmadar Peretz
Smadar Peretz Fund - Faculty of Law*Various Donors
South African Society for Labour Law (SASLAW) FundVarious Donors
Stanley Howard Feldman and Susan Haria Feldman Bursary*Jonathan and Shlomit Feldman
Stephen Grant and Sandra Forbes Bursary*Sandra Forbes and Stephen Grant
Stewart and Victoria Robertson Business Law Bursary*Stewart and Victoria Robertson
Steven Elliott QC BursarySteven B. Elliott
Summit AwardKevin Fougere and Neville Jugnauth
Tan Family Constitutional Law Bursary*Mark H. Tan
The Alex Moore Bursary*Alex Moore, '96
The Armstrong Youdan Bursary*Sarah J. Armstrong and Catherine Youdan
The Honourable Frank Iacobucci Bursary Fund*Frank and Nancy Iacobucci
The Honourable Julius Alexander Isaac, Q.C. Bursary*Virginia L. Davies
The Honourable Justice Gloria Epstein Bursary*Justice Gloria Epstein
The Jagmohan Singh Gill, Q.C. Bursary Fund*Robert W. A. Nicholls
The John Atkinson Prize in LitigationJudith E. Harris
The John B. Laskin Bursary*John B. Laskin
The John DeSipio Award*Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP, Cumming & Partners
The Lisa Talbot Bursary*Lisa Talbot
The Newton Rowell Bursary at the Faculty of Law*The Honourable Henry N. R. Jackman
The Sandra Dawe Bursary*Sandra Dawe
The Trisha Jackson Bursary*Patricia Jackson
Tracey Pearce and William Charnetski Bursary*Tracey-Anne Pearce and William Charnetski, Bell Canada - Employee Giving Program
Trossman/Hurwitz BursaryJeffrey Trossman
V.S. Ristic Bursary*Anne L. Ristic
W. Niels Ortved Award in Criminal Law and Evidence*W. Niels F. Ortved
William and Michael Emory Bursary*Michael Emory
Wolman Family Bursary*Jeffrey Wolman
Yves Pratte Foundation Bursary*Yves Pratte Foundation

* Designations belonging to the Boundless Campaign.  The University of Toronto matched the interest on all endowments created under this campaign.