Kia Dunn

Kia Dunn, JD candidate 2019, could not have
attended U of T Law without student financial aid

To say you graduated from U of T Law has always meant that you were a graduate of one of the finest law schools in the world.

However, one thing that differentiates our alumni from the students entering our law school today is the cost of a legal education. Commencing in the mid 1990’s, tuition at Ontario law schools has risen in step with a 30% real decline in government funding. Today, U of T’s law school tuition is $36,000 this academic year, and every law school in Ontario has a tuition of at least $16,000 (JD/LLB). With public funding declining, U of T Law is committed to ensuring that tuition does not become a barrier to students.

The Faculty has long understood the risks of higher tuition for the twin pillars of excellence and access, and has invested significantly in maintaining them both. The academic excellence of the Faculty and the availability of financial support have combined to foster the strength of the Law School – when applicants decide between U of T and another Ontario law school, 95% choose U of T.

Almost 50% of our students qualify for front end financial aid, and our unique program for post-graduate debt relief pays interest and even helps retire the debt of our lower-earning graduates. Offering a wide range of financial aid tools – bursaries and grants, no-interest loans, and post-graduate debt relief – has been a cornerstone of our financial aid program. U of T Law is the only law school in Ontario to offer strictly needs-based student financial aid – merit scholarships are not offered.

Privately supported endowments now provide about one third of our annual financial aid budget. With your help our endowment can grow and ensure that future generations of students experience U of T Law as an open, accessible and excellent path to a legal education. You can help ensure that this remains the reality.

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