Alumni-Student Mentorship Program

The Alumni-Student Mentorship Program matches 1L U of T Law JD students with U of T Law alumni. Students meet with their mentors in one-on-one meetings where mentors share experiences and insight into the legal profession. Mentorship relationships provide students with an opportunity to explore areas of law in which they show particular interest.

The goals of the mentorship program are:

  • To introduce first year law students to law professionals in an informal setting that is outside the job recruitment process
  • To give students an opportunity to learn about the legal profession from lawyers with diverse backgrounds working in various fields
  • To give students an opportunity to find role models in the legal community who can share experiences and advice that may help students choose the academic programs and career paths that are right for them

Mentor requirements

  • Mentors should be available to meet in person in Toronto at least twice during the academic year
  • Mentors should have at least four (4) years of professional experience 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Alumni-Student Mentorship Program

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