Honouring Two Great Graduates of the Faculty of Law

From the Spring 2000 issue of Nexus.

The Goodman-Schipper Chair reflects the special relationship between members of the Goodman Phillips & Vineberg law firm and the Faculty of Law.

David B. Goodman was called to the bar in 1917 as the silver medalist. He immediately started his own law firm which flourished as his reputation grew. His son Edwin A. Goodman graduated in 1940 from the law course at U of T , which was then a separate department in the Faculty of Arts. After a distinguished military career, Eddie resumed his legal studies, was called to the bar in 1947, and joined his father to create Goodman & Goodman.

Both father and son admired the founding of the current Faculty of Law in 1949 by Dean Caesar Wright, Prof. Bora Laskin, and their colleagues. They were proud to support the new law school by offering articling positions to its graduates and they didn't have to wait very long. Norm Schipper '54 was a member of the third graduating class and in 1956 he became the first of many to join Goodman & Goodman. He was followed by Herb Solway '55 and by Lionel Schipper '56.

These five lawyers had a special chemistry and quickly built their firm into one of Canada's most highly regarded and successful law firms. In 1995 Goodman joined with Montreal's Phillips & Vineberg to form Goodman Phillips & Vineberg.

Throughout his career David Goodman was actively involved in a wide range of community, political, and charitable organizations. Eddie followed in his father's footsteps both as an outstanding lawyer and as a philanthropist. For over five decades he has worked tirelessly for the provincial and federal Conservative parties, the National Ballet of Canada, the Committee for an Independent Canada, the Royal Ontario Museum, Baycrest Hospital, and the Boy Scouts of Canada, to name just a few. Their colleagues in the firm have continued their tradition of the highest-quality professional services combined with philanthropy in general and ongoing support for the Faculty of Law, in particular.

Lionel Schipper left Goodman & Goodman in 1981 to pursue business interests. However, he has remained very close to his old law firm and to the law school and has combined a successful business career with active involvement in a range of community organizations including U of T. He has served as co-chair of the Faculty of Law's Bora Laskin Law Library Campaign, as a member of the Faculty's Strategic Development Board, and on the executive committee of the Campaign for U of T.

To support the growth of the Faculty of Law in 1998, Goodman Phillips & Vineberg and Lionel and Carol Schipper jointly established the Goodman-Schipper Chair. "This chair celebrates the strong ties between Goodman Phillips & Vineberg and the law school and speaks to the very special relationship enjoyed by Eddie Goodman, Norm Schipper, Herb Solway, and Lionel Schipper and the law firm which they helped to build," says Dean Ron Daniels. "The Goodman-Schipper Chair is a tribute to this remarkable personal and professional bond, and to the two extraordinary individuals in whose honour it is named."