Your Generosity Has Made a Difference

Your commitment to the Faculty and our pursuit of excellence knows no bounds, and for this we are enormously grateful.  Over the years, donors to the law school have asked us how their gifts have made a difference to our success. 

Let us count the ways.

  • You enabled us to build the spectacular new Jackman Law Building.
  • Your commitment has helped our endowment soar to becoming the largest of any Canadian law school.  
  • We have you to thank for being able to renovate classrooms, create more physical space for students and faculty, and build one of the finest law libraries in the world.  
  • Your generosity has endowed numerous research chairs, allowing us to attract some of the leading scholars from Canada and abroad.  
  • Your support has allowed us to improve our student/faculty ratio, which is now one of the best in North America.
  • By helping us to offer the finest legal education available, your gifts have allowed us to attract this country's best students.  
  • Your contributions have allowed us to ensure that no qualified student is turned away because of a lack of financial resourses.
  • By helping us keep a first-rate education within the reach of all qualified students, your giving has meant that our student population has never been more diverse. 

Find out more about some of these gifts: