The Council of the Association comprises 15 elected members and a maximum of four elected officers (President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary), as well as ex-officio members and honourary members, as provided for in the LAA Constitution (PDF).

The Council supervises the conduct of all business of the Law Alumni Association and presents a report of its activities at the Annual General Meetings of the Association.  In addition, it formulates and supervises implementation of the policies of the Association.


Council Members

Executive Members of Council
Jonathan Feldman '99President 
Andrea Burke ‘94Vice-President
Gordon Raman '96Secretary
Nicolas Daube '06Treasurer
Members of Council
Andrew Alleyne '02Council Member
Sarah Boulby '91Council Member
Brian Carr '73Council Member
Robert Centa '99Council Member
Ginger Ellison '13Council Member
Andrew Foley '91Council Member
Hessam Ghadaki '07Council Member
Andrew Heal '88Council Member
Melissa Kennedy '87Council Member
Brian Livingston '80Council Member
Natalie Lum-Tai '15Council Member
Bilal Manji '16Council Member
Rita Maxwell '01Council Member
Heather Platt '99Council Member
Richard B. Potter '65Council Member

Ex-Officio Members of Council

Paul Morrison '75 (Immediate Past President)
Edward Iacobucci (Dean)
Chantelle Courtney (Assistant Dean, Advancement)
Katrina Longo (Students Law Society President)
John F. Petch '63 (Governing Council Representative)
Sana Halwani '04 (Council of Electors Representative)

Honourary Members of Council

The Hon. Rosalie S. Abella '70
The Hon. Robert P. Armstrong '65
Kirby Chown '79
The Hon. Bonnie Croll '77
The Hon. Kathryn N. Feldman '73
The Hon. Stephen T. Goudge '68
The Hon. Horace Krever '54
The Hon. Michael J. Moldaver '71
The Hon. John Morden '59
Lionel H. Schipper '56