1. Fill out and submit a Faculty of Law Financial Aid Application. It is available on the Financial Aid Forms page. Applications from first-year students admitted before June 1, that are received after June 1 will not qualify for bursaries but only for interest-free loans.

    The Financial Aid Office will notify you directly as to whether you will qualify for a Faculty of Law Interest-free Loan and bursary award. Only students who have received an interest-free loan will be eligible for bursary awards.

  2. Check your credit rating. You can verify your credit rating at no charge through Equifax Canada Inc. by telephone at 1-800-465-7166 or by visiting their website at: http://www.equifax.com/EFX_Canada/.

  3. Complete an online application for the Scotia Professional Student Plan. For the TD Student Line of Credit application phone the Bay St & Bloor St branch in Toronto at 416-944-4115, extension 300 or 250. Either bank will review and communicate its decision directly via email to you. You are required to visit a specific bank branch in downtown Toronto prior to September to sign loan and service agreement documents at:
      • Scotiabank branch at Queen St and McCaul St
      • TD branch at Bay St and Bloor St

  4. Apply for government student financial assistance from your home province.  Apply early as possible because
      • processing of government student financial assistance applications may take a long time
      • proof of having applied, and being eligible for, government student financial assistance can be used in early August to defer payment of tuition to a later date.

      • IMPORTANT: Before submitting the government student loan application (online or on paper), you MUST retain a copy of the completed form, showing the form questions and your data entered. The copy is needed for the JD Financial Aid application.

For more loan information, see Provincial Loan Programs.


Note: All students are encouraged to apply for financial assistance. Students who are considering not seeking financial assistance from the Faculty:

  • Are encouraged to continue to apply for federal and provincial government student assistance (both loans and bursaries). These loans are interest-free while a student is registered full-time; loan repayment assistance and debt-relief programs are also available. These loans are also considered eligible loans for the Back-end Debt Relief Program.
  • Can access the interest-bearing Scotiabank or TD lne of credit loans by submitting an application to the bank, and by dealing with the bank directly.


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