"The Women in Transition program had the highest caliber of speakers I've ever seen... and all in one place! I've told many of my friends and colleagues about this exceptional program. I have since taken a new job at the Crown doing civil litigation. The Women in Transition conference really helped me solidify my belief that this would be the right move for me. So thank you again for organizing it!"


"Thank you for creating the “Women in Transition” event. It came at a time when I was considering resigning from the profession. It was good to be reminded that all those years of education and hard work may still mean something!"


"This seminar has to be repeated. It is too valuable to limit to only a few of us."


"I just wanted to reiterate how valuable the Women in Transition seminar was and how much I enjoyed it. Having been out of the workforce for 7 years, this has provided the gentle push I needed to start my job search."


"I wanted to thank you once again for an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING program!! I’ve been to many CLE programs over the years, but never one with the structure, format and fabulous people that was Women in Transition. Not only were the speakers great, offering up their personal life transitions and showing us the different opportunities that were available, but the participants were amazing women as well."


"Thank you so much for organizing the Women in Transition Workshop! As a participant, I got a lot out of it, both in terms of the substantive information that was delivered and the personal stories that were shared."


"Thank you again for organizing such a wonderful course and gathering so many fascinating women in such a lovely setting! It was a very inspiring and informative two days and a perfect opportunity to meet women similarly positioned. I thought all of the speakers did a fantastic job of conveying a nice mix of practical information and personal experiences."