Returning to Legal Practice or Considering an Alternative Career in Law

Today's legal environment offers greater options than ever before for women wanting to combine family and other personal pursuits with a rewarding legal career - including alternative careers in law firms, business, regulatory bodies, the public interest, community organizations, government, academia and the university, as well as a range of part-time and full-time options and share arrangements in more traditional practice areas.

"Women in Transition" is a two-day intensive program designed to increase your understanding of the new legal marketplace, highlight your options, gain confidence in yourself, and provide you with practical tools and tips to prepare you for your next rewarding career in law.

Each participant receives a comprehensive binder of materials that include special readings and materials from each of the sessions in the program as well as additional information that will assist participants in their career transitions.

Who Should Enroll in this Program

  • Practicing lawyers considering a transition to non-traditional legal work;
  • Women who have left private practice to take of their families or pursue other interests, and wish to return to legal practice or a non-traditional law-related job;
  • Women interested in part-time work, starting up their own law practice or joining other like-minded women in shared arrangements;
  • Lawyers who have never practiced or who have let their Law Society membership lapse
  • Lawyers who just want to learn more about their options and meet with potential employers and network.

Why Enroll

You will gain insights and practical knowledge that will help you to:

  • understand the new legal environment and your career opportunities;
  • align your career objectives with your values;
  • accelerate your career search and hone your interview skills;
  • learn how to successfully network and influence others;
  • develop your powerful personal style; and
  • develop your own personal action plan for success.

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Although there are no dates currently scheduled for Women in Transition, the Faculty of Law looks forward to running the program in the future.



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