Instructor(s): Albert Yoon

For graduate students, the course number is LAW5047Y.

Note: Students cannot take more than one workshop for credit in a given year.

Schedule: The Workshop will take place on Tuesday afternoons intermittently throughout the year. See seminar series dates here:

The Law and Economics Program at the University of Toronto runs a regular Law and Economics Workshop Series that meets 9 to 10 times throughout the academic year. Students wishing to register in the Workshop may do so for academic credit.

Previous workshop guests have included: Richard Posner, George Priest, Robert Clark, Frank Easterbrook, Dan Fischel, Christine Jolls, Lucian Bebchuk, Alan Schwartz, Oliver Williamson, James Buchanan, Gary Becker, Sam Peltzman, Richard Epstein, Steven Shavell, Roberta Romano, Patricia Danzon, Mitchell Polinsky, and Robert Cooter.

Registered students are required to attend all the workshops. In addition, they will prepare seminar questions of 125 words each on all but one workshop paper and one paper of approximately 3500 words on any theme relevant to law and economics. Evaluation will be based on this written work (80%) and on participation in the workshop 20% (10% contributions to class discussion, 5% performance during on-call day(s); 5% attendance). Note: Students must pass both the paper and the participation component to receive credit for the workshop.
Credit note
Credit Note: 1 credit per term

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T: 4:10 - 6:00
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