Instructor(s): Albert Yoon

For graduate students, the course number is LAW7114H.

Note: The Quercus program will be used for this course. Students must self-enrol in Quercus as soon as confirmed in the course in order to obtain course information.

This course examines the way in which the legal profession is portrayed in popular culture - namely movies and television (or its equivalent). Throughout the term, the seminar will examine various legal themes through these media such as:

1. Law and popular culture. What does this particular work teach us about law, lawyers, the legal system, ethics, or justice? What does it teach the general public? How accurate and fair is the film's account in reflecting the reality of law and lawyers?

2. Public policy and legal theory. What specific issues of legal or ethical policy emerge from the film? In many instances, the work distinguishes between "justice" and "law." Do you see a gulf between the two in a particular film? If so, how did you come up with your version of "justice?"

3. Messages from the writer/director? What can we learn about cultural or political issues and attitudes at the time the film was released (as distinguished from the time in which the story is set)? In other words, what kind of message are the writer and director trying to send to viewers beyond just entertaining them? Do you accept that message or disagree with it?

Students will be required to write a short assignment based on the assigned film or TV show and any readings approximately biweekly (5 assignments). Assignments will be due the day before the seminar (Tuesday) by 10 AM. Attendance at all class sessions is mandatory.

The assigned film/tv show for each week will be made available through course reserve or online resources.

The grade will be based on five (5) short assignments (each 250 words) (15%), a creative writing assignment of 1,250 words (15%), and a final paper of 5,000 words on a topic Professor Yoon has approved (70%). The creative writing assignment is to imagine a sequel or a prequel to a film assigned during class.

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