Instructor(s): Simon Stern

Note: 3 credits

The Editors-in-Chief, Executive Editor and Senior Editors are selected in Spring. Law Review for credit is not open to other students. Editors are selected in the Spring of each year. Students must be in residence for the year in order to obtain credit for the journal.

Students who serve as the Editors-in-Chief, Executive Editor or Senior Editors of the University of Toronto Faculty of Law Review may receive three ungraded academic credits to be graded on a Pass/Fail basis. Graduate students are graded on the graduate grading scale. For students in the Editor-in-Chief position, no credit will be awarded until all issues of the journal under the editors supervision have been published.

Eligible students must commit themselves to their Law Review responsibilities for the entire academic year to obtain credit. Students are permitted to allocate their credits as follows: (a) one credit to one term and two credits to the other, or (b) three credits to the winter term. No grade will be assigned until the end of the academic year.

All students who wish to receive academic credit for the Law Review must prepare detailed comments on each of the papers passed up to the Senior Board. These comments are expected to be incisive and detailed, covering both issues of style and substance. Each comment should be 2 to 3 pages long. Comments should be submitted to the Faculty Advisor's secretary on the Thursday before the Senior Board meeting each term.
Academic year
2019 - 2020

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