Instructor(s): Michael Dobner

Note: The Quercus program will be used for this course. Students must self-enrol in Quercus as soon as confirmed in the course in order to obtain course information.

Recommended Text Book: Accounting and Finance for Lawyers in a Nutshell, 5th Edition by Charles Meyer

It is recommended that those who do not have any accounting background to read Chapter 1 of the book prior to the first class.

The objective of this course is to introduce law students to the finance, business and accounting concepts that are encountered in many areas of the law, and to equip them with practical tools that will help them, as law practitioners, to deal more effectively with these aspects of the law. This course will be especially useful for students who do not possess a business degree and would like to pursue a career practicing business law, family law, intellectual property law, tax law, commercial litigation or another law that has business aspects to it.

During the course, we will learn and discuss subjects such as:

  • Basic accounting, finance and economic concepts
  • Basic concepts in business and asset valuation and their impact on various law areas
  • Finance, economic and accounting aspects of commercial contracts
  • Basic concepts in loss quantification as applied to various areas of the law
  • Lawyers interaction with business experts
  • Lectures will involve examples from the real world as well as court cases that demonstrate the concepts discussed in class.

    2 hour, open-book examination (80%); participation (10%) and group presentation of court case (10%).

    At a Glance

    First Term


    28 JD


    T: 6:10 - 8:00