Instructor(s): Alexi Wood

For graduate students, the course number is LAW7006HS.

This seminar course will allow students to engage in a detailed analysis of tort law. The course will initially review the basic principles of tort law, and other aspects of practice which intersect with tort law (i.e. Rules of Civil Procedure). Thereafter, each seminar will explore a different area of tort law, with a particular focus on new, emerging, and undecided areas of law.

Areas to cover will include:

Defamation: can blog posts or Facebook posts be defamatory?
Sports: is there a duty of care owed by other players? By the league organizing the sport?
Privacy: including emerging torts in various jurisdictions and online privacy.
Medical torts: do physicians owe a duty of care to people other than their patients? Are physicians liable in tort if they refuse to offer medically futile care?
Economic torts: including the emerging trends in fiduciary duty law, and misrepresentation.
Emotional torts: including the emerging trends in judicial treatment of negligent and intentional emotional torts.
Damages: Students will examine emerging trends in judicial treatment of damages including Family Law Act claims and claims for loss of inheritance.

Throughout the course, students will be encouraged to draw linkages between tort law and actual practice (for example, exploring the interplay between Rule 20 motions for summary judgment and new torts).

Overall class participation (10%); on-call day for one seminar (10%); 5,000 word final assignment, which will be to prepare a mock factum from an actual case (80%).

At a Glance

Second Term


21 JD


T: 8:30 - 10:20