During the summer, when classes and other workshops have wrapped up, UofT Law Summer Camp provides an informal forum for scholars from the University of Toronto and elsewhere to present their work in progress.

Presenters have included:

  • Alan Ackerman (English, University of Toronto)
  • Wendy Adams (law, McGill)
  • Ryan Balot (political science, University of Toronto)
  • Sandra Bucerius (criminology, University of Toronto)
  • Keith Hyams (philosophy, University of Exeter)
  • Dennis Klimchuk (law & philosophy, University of Western Ontario)
  • Rauna Kuokkanen (political science, University of Toronto)
  • Cristina Martinez (art & culture, Carleton)
  • Ralf Michaels (law, Duke)
  • Tumi Mmusinyane (law, University of South Africa)
  • Mary Nyquist (English, University of Toronto)
  • Tobias Reinbacher (law, Humboldt-University, Berlin)
  • Robin Shoaps (anthropology, University of Chicago)
  • Vijayashri Sripati (law, Osgoode)
  • Carolyn Strange (social & cultural history, Australian National University)