The Health Law and Policy Group emerged from the research and teaching interests of numerous faculty members in issues relating to health care and medicine. Its faculty members have expertise in a broad spectrum of areas including bioethics, constitutional law, drug regulation, end-of-life issues, genetics, health systems and insurance, human rights law, reproductive and sexual health law, and research ethics and research regulation.

The intensive interdisciplinary environment of the group is nourished by associations with other academic departments, programs, institutions and research centres at the University of Toronto, such as the CIHR Training Program in Health Law, Ethics and Policy, the Centre for Innovation Law and Policy, the Joint Centre for Bioethics, the International Reproductive and Sexual Health Law program, the Centre for Ethics, and also with the government departments where policy is created and implemented, including the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. The faculty members of the Health Law and Policy Group hold cross-appointments in a variety of related departments, including MedicineDalla Lana School of Public HealthInstitute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation and the School of Public Policy and Governance, and Psychiatry.

The group organizes numerous courses at the Faculty on aspects of health law, as well as the Health Law, Ethics and Policy Seminar Series in which local, national and international scholars and policy makers address matters of timely importance in the health law and policy area. The institutional and individual professional links of the program’s faculty offer a unique opportunity to conduct legal and policy research in an interdisciplinary environment.  Graduate students are encouraged to apply to the CIHR Training Program in Health Law, Ethics and Policy.  The Program addresses the global shortage of experts in the field of health law, ethics and policy by facilitating multidisciplinary training for graduate students and by providing scholarships to support their studies.

For more information about Health Law at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law, see the Health Law Focus Area page.