The University of Toronto, Faculty of Law has the first and only Post-Graduation Debt Relief Program (PDRP) in Canada. This Program assists graduates in the repayment of eligible academic student debt after graduation. The goal of the Program is to ensure that all of the Faculty's graduates will be able to make career choices based on interest rather than debt-induced financial pressure. The PDRP is a low income protection program for graduates who take low income employment.

The PDRP was established in 1999 and it is one of the most distinctive, generous and flexible programs available. The PDRP is open to all University of Toronto, Faculty of Law L.L.B or J.D. graduates from the Class of 2007 onwards. The graduates may join the program at any time within ten years of graduation as long as they qualify for benefits.

Graduates are eligible to apply for a forgivable loan after graduation if they meet the Program's requirements. This loan typically covers the principal and interest repayment obligations on eligible law school academic debt (i.e., Faculty of Law interest-free loans and government student loans). In addition, this Program will take into account annual pre-law loan repayment obligations. At the end of each year, a certain percentage of the loan is forgiven. For each subsequent year that the student qualifies under the program, the Faculty will continue to provide a forgivable loan and will continue to forgive a higher percentage of the cumulative loan. If a student stays in the program for 10 years, the loan will be forgiven in its entirety. In this way, students are able to pursue interesting and rewarding careers in the public service and elsewhere, without the worry of how to make financial payments on debts incurred during law school.


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The deadline for submitting an application for PDRP benefits is March 31st of the calendar year for which benefits are requested. PDRP applications are assessed based on a participant's financial situation for a calendar year. An application must be made each calendar year for which benefits are claimed. Late applications should be accompanied by a letter explaining any extenuating circumstances for the lateness. If the late application is accepted, any PDRP benefits will be pro-rated based on the lateness of the application. No applications will be accepted after July 31st of the calendar year for which benefits are requested.

In order to be eligible for PDRP benefits, the Financial Aid Office must receive the completed application and all supporting documents by the deadline. Decisions on complete PDRP applications will be communicated to participants by letter in May of each year.

PDRP Timeline
April 1Deadline for submitting PDRP application
MayDecisions on complete PDRP applications communicated to participants
JuneFirst PDRP payment sent to participants
October 31Deadline for submitting updated employment information
NovemberSecond PRDP payment sent to participants
DecemberNew PDRP application made available to graduates

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Policy and Application Process

For more information please refer to the Post-Graduation Relief Policy Booklet and Application below: 

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Message from the Financial Aid Office

We strongly recommend that all students and graduates become familiar with the PDRP policies as they begin to make decisions regarding their career choices. We are available to counsel students and graduates about the program and other questions regarding debt management.

For any questions regarding the Faculty's Financial Aid Programs or assistance in completing a PDRP application, please do not hesitate to contact our office by phone at 416-978-3716 or by email at

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