Tuition for the 2014-15 GPLLM is $30,710 (domestic students) or $46,200 (international students) for a one-year course of study.  This includes most program materials, meals and other Faculty of Law fees.  Please note that the University of Toronto and School of Graduate Studies (SGS) fees of approx. $1,300 are not included in this amount.  Please also note that the cost of textbooks for courses designed to meet NCA requirements are not included in this amount.

In order to register, please pay the Total Amount or the Minimum Payment to Register amount on your SWS/ROSI invoice (65% of total tuition + any arrears) at your financial institution by August 29, 2014. If you choose to make the minimum payment for registration, service charge will be applied to the outstanding balance beginning as of November 15, 2014 and as of the 15th of every month at a rate of 1.5% monthly (19.56% compounded annually) until the account is paid in full. Your account must be paid in full by the end of the fall/winter session (April 30, 2015). Diploma and transcripts will not be issued to students whose account is in arrears.  

More information about details of billing and payment can be found at the University of Toronto Student Accounts website.

Information about exemptions from international student fees can be found on the International Fee Exemptions page.

There are no scholarships or bursaries available at the Faculty of Law for the GPLLM program. For information concerning financial assistance options for graduate students at the University of Toronto, please visit the Graduate Fees and Financing Your Graduate Education sections of the SGS website.

We are delighted that domestic students in the GPLLM program are eligible for the Scotiabank Professional Student Plan, which provides for a line of credit of up to $31,000 and other services. For further details, please see: Scotiabank Student Professionals or contact Account Manager Lynne Owen (416-866-6618,